Saturday, March 4, 2017

Phallosan Forte Extenders

The Bathmates are a wonderful device to help men increase their penis size. They are especially adept at increasing thickness and penis head size. Unfortunately, they aren't perfect and tend to lag behind penis extenders when it comes to increasing length. The problem is that extenders have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable to wear which makes wearing them several hours a day difficult.

Fortunately, the Phallosan Forte penis stretcher that has moved away from the conventional rigid frame that we associate with the majority of extenders while using a gentle vacuum seal instead of a plastic noose to secure the penis. The end result is a device that offers users the same benefits as traditional extenders while eliminating all of their shortcomings.

Using the Phallosan stretcher couldn't be easier and even though it will take you a little longer at the beginning, with more experience you will be able to put it on in less than a minute. Since it is more comfortable you also won't need to remove it as often since it doesn't pinch and impede blood flow. Most users say that the Phallosan device is so comfortable they often forget they are wearing it.

Because of its non-rigid structure, the Phallosan Forte device can easily be concealed under clothing and can be worn while you sleep. This double benefit gives user more options to fit in the required hours of daily usage within their schedule. As a matter of fact, when worn during sleep hours, it is possible to meet your daily quota of usage hours by the time you get up.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bathmate Results

The Bathmate results that users can expect will, of course, vary significantly from one individual to another. If only looking at the genetic component, it's just a fact that some men have a greater potential for growth than others. It's one of the few factors you can't control so the goal is really to do all that you can to maximize whatever potential you may have. The best way to do this is to exercise your penis with the Bathmate on a regular basis.

When discussing the results of penis enlargement, the 2 measurements we are interested in are length and girth. The majority of men will want to improve both measurements though this really depends on your starting point. Some men might be satisfied with their width though somewhat deficient lengthwise which is obviously the aspect they will want to emphasize.

It should be pointed out that, by the very nature of their design, hydropumps like the Bathmate are meant to increase penis size in a very uniform manner, which means they improve both length and girth at the same time. This is a major advantage that hydropumps have over other devices that only stretch the penis in one direction, such as extenders.

Without a doubt, a quality penis extender can help you gain length, but are known for being less effective at making you thicker. For this reason, extenders leave you at a significant disadvantage since surveys clearly show most women have a preference for girth over length which makes a hydropump the preferred option.

Bathmate Growth Potential

Now if you're looking for are actual growth ranges you can expect from using a Bathmate, below are some of the realistic gains you can expect to make with recommended use. Obviously, the longer you use it, the greater your chances are of moving towards the higher end of those ranges.

Width - increase of 1 to 1.5 inches (circumference)

Length - increase of 1 to 2 inches

What should be noted is that the new Hydromax's, since they are 35% more powerful than the older Hercules and Goliath models, will help you achieve greater gains faster. Obviously, when your workouts are 35% more intense, it's expected that your body will respond with more impressive results which is why choosing either the Hydromax X30 or X40 is highly recommended.

Nothing is as convincing as visual proof and if you want to see for yourself the kind results you can expect, you are encouraged to view some before and after pictures from actual customers. Seeing those pictures provides undeniable proof of how well the Bathmate works while giving you an idea of the magnitude of gains you can expect for yourself.

You can also visit the video page if you want to view a tutorial on how to use the Bathmate or simply want a more detailed explanation about the biological processes it relies on to successfully induce penis growth. Noticeable changes won't happen overnight, but with some patience and persistence, the Bathmate results you will get may end up exceeding your expectations.